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Member's Association

The archive is maintained by an association, now known as The Members’ Association of Finnish Jazz & Popular Music. The association seeks to encourage archival work around jazz, pop and other popular music in Finland. It also arranges concerts, meetings, seminars and exhibitions.

The association is run by an executive committee, whose members represent various fields of music life, archival expertise and academic research. In 2014, the members are Hannu Tolvanen (chair), Jaana-Maria Jukkara (vice-chair), Jussi Raittinen, Atro "Wade" Mikkola, Ari Poutiainen, Matti Laipio, Perttu Rastas, Jarmo Wallenius, Jari Eskola, Klaus Järvinen ja Saijaleena Rantanen.

The membership fees of the association are

Music Archive Finland members receive two newsletters per year, a discount on our publications and access to our meetings. And, of course, by joining the association you will contribute to Finnish music life and cultural heritage.

If you are interested in joining the members’ association, please contact