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Music Archive Finland

Safe and sound for over 25 years
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Music Archive Finland is a national central archive that stores materials relating to Finnish music – with the exception of art and folk music. Established in 1990, Music Archive Finland is a private organization that seeks no financial benefit. It is the only independent professional music archive in Finland. It serves researchers, but also others interested in the history of Finnish popular music.

Music Archive Finland collects especially unique material. The collection totals over 600 shelf metres. Music Archive Finland currently stores over 420 private or association archives. Most of the items have been donated by musicians, scholars, people working in the music business, collectors, and other music friends. The collection features recordings, video tapes, photographs, interviews, hand-written and printed sheet music, correspondence, books, music papers, memorabilia and business agreements.

Researchers and others interested in the topic can explore the materials in Music Archive Finland’s premises. Music materials such as recordings, videos and sheet music can be searched through the Other materials such as photos, documents and music magazines are cataloged in Skaala-database. Also our website has information about the material.

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Music Archive Finland is also a research institute. It provides advice and information retrieval services, assists scholars in data management, and preserves research materials on a long-term basiss. In 2014–2018 Music Archive Finland hosts the research project “Music, Multiculturality and Finland”, led by Academy Research Fellow Antti-Ville Kärjä. Music Archive Finland is also involved in the project “The History and Importance of African Musicians in Multicultural Finland”. In addition, international and national seminars in music studies are held, as well as a monthly seminar in popular music research.

Music Archive Finland publishes non-fiction books and audio recordings related to Finnish popular music. It invests heavily in open science and research, as well as in Open Access publishing. The site gathers Open Access activities, including interviews and music research seminar presentations, research data, and Open Access books and recordings.

Music Archive Finland is a specialist in sound digitization. It collaborates with other sound archives and manages the Digiwiki web service. It is involved in the National Digital Library, planning common standards and best practices for memory organizations.

Music Archive Finland administers the Erik Lindström Fund that provides travel grants for young jazz musicians. Music Archive Finland also arranges exhibitions of the history of Finnish popular music, in collaboration with museums and libraries.

Music Archive Finland is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and it also relies on project funding, membership fees, and publications sale.