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The Early Music Net

Were you in the frontline of the digital revolution?

Music Archive Finland is collecting ‘old’ material that was published in the Internet before 1997 and was connected to the Finnish music life. Even though it’s not even twenty years ago today, the Internet sites that were constructed by the net activists (people working in the computer and internet business, enterpreneurs, fans, musicians, recording company executives, journalists, concert organisers, record shop keepers, teachers and so on) are now an essential part of the musical heritage in Finland and elsewhere.

Some old sites are still available but they are ‘fossiled’ deep in the Internet. Some old sites have disappeared but perhaps can be found in the private archives. Music Archive Finland is interested in all kinds of information and materials relating to the music net: sites, photographs, discs, drawings, recordings, and so on. We welcome information about all music genres.

The campaign includes the First Home Site competition: who was the first Finnish performer that went to the Net? Music Archive Finland will also grant the Net Pioneer prize for person or institution that has contributed to the relationship between music and the Internet. Results will be announced in the late October 2009.

The campaign is a pioneering effort in itself: in Finland, at least, no one has systematically collected old web material. At the moment, the guidelines, rules and the electronic form are in Finnish only. If you know sites or materials that relate to the Early Music Net or if you have questions about our project, please contact