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The First Music Home Sites

The list covers Finnish performers only. Please, contact us if you have comments or new information. The list is meant to be updated!

1. Leningrad Cowboys

Leningrad Cowboys on Internet Archive. Archived 9.11.1996. All archived Leningrad Cowboys web pages.

2. Aikakone

Aikakone on Internet Archive. Archived 27.12.1996. All archived Aikakone web pages.

3. Platypus

Platypus on Internet Archive. Archived 15.8.1997. Music Archive Finland has a copy of the website. All archived Platypus web pages.

4. The Surfers

The Surfers on Internet Archive. Archived 1.12.1998. All archived The Surfers web pages.


More homepages or other important web sites that Music Archive Finland wishes to have more information.


15.9.1994, author: Jarmo Latva-Äijö. Music Archive Finland has a copy of the web page. Web page was a part of the Rockdata portal.


CMX's current homepage. Earliest date on Kysy (Ask) page is 25.4.1995. Original site has disappeared.


On issue 14/1995 of Rumba magazine's PikkuNettiläinen (LittleWebist) is a screenshot of Eläkeläiset homepage. The date on the picture is 1.6.1995. Original site has disappeared.