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Kimmo Pohjonen & Eric Echampard© Jouni Eerola

In order to preserve old music, Music Archive Finland is converting analogue materials such as recordings, open reel tapes, c-cassettes and video tapes to digital format. Most of our sound and audiovisual recordings, including 3,800 hours of vhs tapes, have already been converted, but new donations of old materials keep coming in and are much welcomed.

Our expert role in digitization is widely acknowledged. Supported by the Ministry of Education, we maintain the national Digiwiki service that provides information about the various aspects of digitization and long-term preservation of archive materials. We are also involved in Äänistö (“Soundboard”), a joint venture of Finnish sound archives to find ways of making digitized material an open-access service. Äänistö is supported by the Ministry of Education.

In 2004–2008, Music Archive Finland was a partner in the EU-funded Training project for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe TAPE. The project focused on audiovisual collections held outside the major national institutions with specific responsibilities for audiovisual heritage. Through a set of activities, including expert meetings, research projects, publications, workshops and training, TAPE raised awareness for audiovisual preservation. It explored the requirements for continued access to audiovisual materials as well as the application of new technologies for opening up collections that provide living documentation of the world of the twentieth century.

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