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The materials of Music Archive Finland include recordings, video tapes, photographs, interviews, hand-written and printed sheet music, correspondence, books, music papers, memorabilia, merchandise, business agreements and other documents. The general collection consists of music papers, newspaper clippings, books, other published material and documents such as recorded music interviews mainly collected by the archive. The private collections comprise documents and items such as photographs, recordings and sheet music that have been kindly donated by musicians, people working in the music business, collectors, fans, and other music friends.

The Music Archive Finland collections cover a significant part of Finnish music history and cultural heritage. Much of the material has never been commercially released, including 7000 hours of unpublished recordings. We have no legal deposit requirement covering sound recordings or other music documents published in Finland.

The materials have been catalogued in three databases.


Recordings, videos and sheet music can be found in the Viola music database maintained by the National Library of Finland. If you want to search the collections of Music Archive Finland, do as follows.

To search for a specified title, person or name, go to the Search Page and

  1. click on Search Limits on the right
  2. select Location and then Jazz & Pop Arkisto on the drop-down list
  3. click on Set Limits
  4. enter name, title etc. in Search for field
  5. select Keyword in Search on the drop-down list
  6. select Music Recordings or Printed Music or Music Manuscripts or Videos/Motion Pictures on the Quick Limits drop-down list

To search for a specified item type, go to the Search Page and

  1. click on Search Limits on the right
  2. select Item Type on the drop-down list
  3. set Location to Jazz & Pop Arkisto
  4. click on Set Limits
  5. write search terms in Search for field
  6. select for example Keyword or Title in Search in field. Note that limits do not apply with browseable searches (Author, Subject, Call Number).

History of Popular Music

Photographs are catalogued in the History of Popular Music database (in Finnish only) coordinated by the Department of Folk Tradition, University of Tampere. If you want to search for photographs in the Finnish Jazz & Pop Archive, do as follows:

  1. select “valokuvat” in the left column
    • you may browse all photographs of Music Archive Finland organized by person (henkilö), year (vuosiluku) or place (paikkakunta)
  2. you may enter your own search terms by selecting “etsi” button
    • write your search term in the “hae” field
    • you may restrict the number of hits (search term “japa*” returns all photographs of Music Archive Finland (formerly known as JAPA), over 900 hits)

Music Archive Finland databases

The catalogues of recorded interviews, music papers and private collections are listed on our homesite. You’ll find them below. The books in our reference library and newspaper clippings have not been catalogued.

Recorded interviews

This collection mainly consists of interviews of Finnish musicians, conducted by Music Archive Finland, music researchers, journalists, and students.

Music papers

Private Collections

The materials in the private collections have been donated by musicians, researchers, journalists, fans, institutions, organizations and estates. The catalogue of these collections can be viewed both in the alphabetical and numerical order. At the moment, the details are only in Finnish. Some of the materials in the private collections have been catalogued in the Viola and History of Popular Music databases.

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