Audio Tape Digitisation Workflow

3.7. Add technical metadata

Accurate and sufficient documentation is very important in archiving digital audio recordings in order to produce an archival copy that is authentic and that can be retrieved and migrated to new platforms and media as necessary.

Generate as much metadata as is reasonably possible about all technical details. Provide information about the nature of the tape, the original recording and the transfer parameters used, including playback machine and settings, hard- and software versions, dates and responsibility. Especially all anomalous events and faults in the recording have to be reported.

IASA TC-04, p. 9

Using Metadata Standards in Digital Libraries: implementing METS, MODS, PREMIS and MIX

IASA Cataloguing Rules

Choosing a metadata standard for your digital project

Sound Directions: The Audio Technical Metadata Collector

Uniport - Ingest processor for NOA

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