Audio Tape Digitisation Workflow

1.1.1. Inspect for physical damage / Look for pack problems


Check the box/ container for damage and breakage. If the container, reel or cassette is damaged, the tape inside is also likely to have suffered damage or contamination. Be prepared that the tape might fall off the bobbin when opening the box! Check the interior of the container and the edges of the tape for indicators of the presence of fungus. Tapes with fungus can present a health hazard and should, therefore, be isolated and treated by professionals as soon as possible.

Look for pack problems:
  • Leafing
  • Blocking
  • Windowing
  • Popped strands
  • Pack slip
  • Deformed edges
  • etc.

Pack problem

PAck problem 5 Tape pack problem

Some pack problems might also be a sign for
chemical instability
Chemical instability 2
Popped strands

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